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Ensure greater speed and control over import processes.

No more additional costs due to merchandise languishing for lengthy periods at the unloading dock because of difficulties in monitoring order statuses.

Gone forever are the uncertainties over the total cost of an imported product and the consequent difficulty in calculating your profit margins. Banish time-consuming administrative processes with failings and incongruous data, which hamper productivity and limit the profitability of your business.

With the PRIMAVERA Professional solution, you can optimise the organisation of information pertaining to imports, monitor the status of every process, control the timing of merchandise deliveries and get overall control of the costs involved. The information about purchasing operations abroad flows smoothly through the various areas of the ERP, guaranteeing speed throughout the entire purchase cycle: from the selection and management of suppliers and dispatchers, to the management of commercial documents, control of the transport status of your merchandise, insurance costs, taxes, customs duties, control of deposits, stays, the state of the containers, requisition of funds and receipt of the merchandise.

Get in-depth financial control of all the purchases you make abroad. The costs of the process are automatically assigned to the value of the merchandise, triggering the relevant adjustments to cost price and retail selling price. With PRIMAVERA's ERP, you can quickly calculate the financial burden associated with every import process, the percentage corresponding to estimated fixed costs and the percentage corresponding to profit margin. All of which lets you optimise your decision-making. And your business will increasingly be a safe harbour!