The fastest and surest route to decision-making.

Business Analytics

The fastest and surest route to decision-making.

See patterns. Anticipate trends. Monitor performance. Boost results.

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Discover how to make the best strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

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Better knowledge means better decisions. Good decisions aren't based on hunches. Or intuition. Or chance. All the information you need to define profitable strategies is hidden behind the data scattered throughout various departments, operating units and information systems.

Learn how to interpret the messages the business is sending you. Centralise your data and convert information into knowledge. With PRIMAVERA Business Analytics, optimise your tactical, strategic and operational decision-making.

Spot trends easily. Monitor performance. Boost results with a solution that guarantees:

  • The adoption of good management and performance-monitoring practices
  • Immediate access to a series of ready-to-use dashboards
  • The right information, at the right time and for the right person
  • Analyses available anywhere and at any time
  • Cutting-edge technology with low TCO
  • Good returns on your investment in IT
Information available anywhere and at any time of day.

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Running your business doesn't have to be a guessing game. On the contrary. It should be a solid process. A sound process. Based on reliable data.

PRIMAVERA Business Analytics ensures that your company's Financial Directors and Controllers, Commercial, Human Resources and Production Directors, and Supply Managers can make sounder decisions.

  • Information available anywhere and at any time of day
  • Immediate access to ready-to-use dashboards
  • The ability to create your own analyses
  • Better strategic, tactical and operational alignment
  • Easy performance monitoring
Learn how to have access to this solution.

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Obtain a perpetual usage licence for the solution.

Access your management solution in the most conventional way: On-premises.
With this method, you will have access to a perpetual software usage license.

You can also avoid unpredictable updating costs and high system maintenance costs with the Continuity Software Agreement (CSA). With the CSA, you are guaranteed to always benefit from new technological features and to follow up on legal and tax-related developments in various markets, at a controlled and competitive price.
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The right information, at the right time and for the right person.

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Optimise decision-making in the areas that have the greatest impact on results – Sales and Marketing, Accounts and Finance, Human Resources, Production and Operations Management, and Materials Management.

Keep all the decision-makers aligned with the organisation's overall strategy. Standardise decision-making across every department. Base decisions on internationally-recognised performance standards.

With this solution, Operations Directors, Financial Directors, Human Resource Directors, Production Directors and Warehouse Managers bring competitive intelligence to the running of the business. They can easily align their decisions with the organisation's targets. Everyone rows in the same direction, supported by an analytical tool that monitors key indicators, reducing the risks of decision-making.

Discover the business opportunities hiding behind the numbers.

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The analyses provided easily let you detect previously unnoticed patterns, identify key relationships and discover important indicators that will allow you to stay ahead of trends.

All of which makes managing the business easier. In just a few secondsyou can access a series of indicators that let you assess your results and progress, see where you've gone off course in relation to your goals and monitor key performance indicators.

Easily consult everything you need to know about your company's sales performance: from an overall view to the individual results of each member of the sales team, as well as structured information about your customer portfolio and products sold.

Don't let invoices catch you unawares.

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Keep abreast of every detail in respect of your company's cash flow and liabilities. Quickly monitor average payment times. Identify defaulting customers. Know exactly how your balance is distributed. Check cash flow and bank liabilities whenever you want. Know the accounting value of your assets. Be aware of real costs and profits, and keep track of other economic and financial ratios.

Get this and other useful information in an instant. The dashboards on Payments and Receipts, Cash Flow, Accounting and Fixed Assets do not need to be configured; they are available immediately.

Optimise results. Consolidate your accounting and financial management with informed decisions. Align your strategies in accordance with your business's results at any time. And you can also configure other analyses that you deem necessary by using a "self-service" feature that lets you create your own analyses.

Optimise the strategic management of Human Resources.

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Now it's easy to get detailed information on every employee and see how much they contribute to or cost the organisation.

With PRIMAVERA Business Analytics, you can quickly access analyses about the distribution of staff across the various departments, education and qualifications, the distribution of remunerations, industrial accidents and associated costs, training requirements, absenteeism, staff arriving and departing and a range of other data that will let you easily identify patterns.

And you can also optimise the management of staff costs. Access dashboards that let you easily identify the staff/salary ratio, the average expenses per employee, evolution of the average salary, the value and evolution of subsidies, absenteeism figures, and other data that will let you quickly assess the evolution and distribution of your staff costs.

Find out how to get the best from your resources.

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There are some operations that affect the entire production chain. They affect the quality of production, manufacturing costs, delivery deadlines and the organisation's image.

Identify weaknesses fast. Highlight your strengths. Define product strategies that will ensure you get the best from your resources. With PRIMAVERA Business Analytics, you have access to analyses that give you an overall view of your production processes: productivity indexes per product, item and operator, production times, quality criteria, production costs, stoppages, types of breakdown and recurrences, items produced in greatest quantities, fulfilment of delivery deadlines, etc.

And you can also get an overall view of individual projects. Easily identify turnover per project. Assess profitability. Compare divergences between budgeted and actual amounts.

This information lets you optimise priority management. So you can choose the right strategies more easily. Monitor their implementation faster. And maximise results with ease.
Identify trends. Spot patterns. Act fast and always be the first to respond to the market.

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Optimise logistics processes. Make fast but, above all, substantiated decisions.

Get full details about orders received and filled, delivery dates, returns and the performance of your suppliers. Make supply processes more efficient, in line with your organisation's overall strategy. With no delays. And no doubts. The data is presented clearly and simply. You only have to interpret the results and make your decisions.

And PRIMAVERA Business Analytics simplifies warehouse management too. Find out fast how much stock you have of any given item, arrivals and departures at the warehouse, items for which demand is low and those that you never seem to have enough of, and the value of your merchandise too.

Optimise delivery deadlines. Guarantee the quality of your products and become a more trustworthy supplier.

In-depth analytical capacity.Understand the messages your business is sending you.

Know the business better than anyone. Effortlessly access a series of dashboards offering structured analyses that tell you how your business is performing.

Access to a series of ready-to-use dashboards that provide you with detailed information on your business's performance. Understand the subliminal messages hidden behind the numbers, with the support of the analyses provided. Dictate trends. Stay one step ahead of the competition.

In-depth analytical capacity.
Ensure financial balance.Rapidly access sound information about cash flow.

Optimise financial management. Get to know in detail and in real time the cash availabilities and financial responsibilities of your company.

Access dashboardswhich allow you to analyse payments and receipts from various perspectives. Find out exactly which amounts are payable and receivable, the amounts in credit and other accounting and financial data impacting business management.

Ensure financial balance.
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