Maximum profitability in industrial management.


Maximum profitability in industrial management.

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Production management and logistical, administrative and financial control - all in a single solution.

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Joining together all the different management pieces in a company in the industrial sector is a complex task. The pieces are large, but all are indispensable. No matter the size of the company.

Concentrating on the quality of production but neglecting the administrative and financial aspects can lead to ruin. If you concentrate on the management of logistics, and leave maintenance in the background, you compromise your future.

Only a solid and integrated management of all the functional areas guarantees you control and profitability. In the PRIMAVERA Manufacturing solution you’ll discover the technology that drives results in companies in the industrial sector: 

  • Higher productivity – automation of production, logistical, administrative and financial processes
  • Lower operating costs – optimisation of administrative processes, from supply to shipping, and from invoicing to receipt of payment
  • Greater efficiency –integrated control of all areas of the business in real time
  • Maximum quality – elimination of non-conformities from the very first part to the end product
Monetize production by safeguarding quality.

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Reduce the time needed to carry out operations. Boost productivity. Increase profitability.

The PRIMAVERA Manufacturing solution allows you to manage the production cycle and the administrative, logistical and financial processes in integrated fashion, assuring you of:

  • Ease of adaptation to all types of production
  • Speed in the planning, programming, execution and monitoring of production
  • Maximum control over production factors
  • Increased installed production capacity
  • Streamlined material and human resources to boost profitability
  • Optimisation of production costs
  • High level of logistical and financial control
  • Easy access to financial information
  • Information to support decision-making
Learn how to have access to this solution.

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Obtain a perpetual usage licence for the solution.

Access your management solution in the most conventional way: On-premises.
With this method, you will have access to a perpetual software usage license.

You can also avoid unpredictable updating costs and high system maintenance costs with the Continuity Software Agreement (CSA). With the CSA, you are guaranteed to always benefit from new technological features and to follow up on legal and tax-related developments in various markets, at a controlled and competitive price.

Pay only for what you use.

With the SaaS (software as a service) model, you do not need to acquire and install the software. Access is performed from an internet-connected device following the acquisition of a temporary usage license.

The use of this solution does not require an initial investment. Through payment of a monthly fee, you gain access to the software including its continuous maintenance and updates.

See how PRIMAVERA Manufacturing CIC's business

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Download this solution’s brochure.

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Get more control of your business, from the manufacturing processes to management analysis.

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There are countless operations that need to be carried out between receiving an order and finally shipping and invoicing it. The business cycle in the production sector is long, but it can be speeded up.

The PRIMAVERA Manufacturing solution streamlines all the operations – starting with the management of orders, and includes the supply of raw materials, subcontracting, production planning, quality control, equipment maintenance, budgeting, stock management, and shipping, right up to strategic and financial management.

Increase your installed production capacity. The solution automates the processes, simplifies the operations and speeds up the results on the continuous, vertical and discrete production lines, and is adaptable to the most complex production lines.

Achieve rigorous financial control. Know your production costs in detail. Quickly access information to support decision-making and optimise the overall management of your business.

Optimise your installed production capacity.

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Speed up the various stages in the manufacturing process.

With PRIMAVERA Manufacturing it is very easy to plan, programme, execute and control production.

You can easily categorise each manufacturing order with all the information needed for rigorous and efficient production - features, materials needed (BOM- Bill of Material), requisition of materials from the warehouse, manufacturing routes, quantities, moulds, tools, handling of by-products and waste, preparation time, quality factors, counters, plus all the preparations for executing the work order.

In just a few seconds, you have information on the availability of resources (stocks) to fill the orders in your portfolio. Quickly simulate scenarios that allow you to optimise the meeting of delivery deadlines.

All the data are integrated, through automatic flows of information. This integrated management allows you to eliminate errors, improve production quality, reduce execution time and access analyses and reports that optimise decision-making.

Flexibility and speed in the preparation of manufacturing orders allows you to monetize the capacity of equipment and the availability of hand labour.

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Streamline the planning of production orders in different factories, sections or business units. From a single location and within a short period of time generate various planning scenarios with different programming.

Win a new dynamic in the registration of information and product engineering. The solution simplifies the creation of technical files of articles and corresponding bills of materials and operations needed for each job order (Bill Of Material). It quickly records the components of the main product and respective compositions, quantities, by-products and intermediates.

Agile graphic planning tools organize the resources into productive blocks, according to the availability and capacity of each resource. With this tool you can easily evaluate the load, distribute teams to work centres, define the hours calendar by manufacturing order, view dependencies between manufacturing operations and identify the cost / man machine.

And to make sure that you are really enhancing the maximum operational capacity, the tool quickly performs diagnostics of the load of work centres. It even simulates alternative production scenarios and tests the best planning options to ensure that monetize resources and meets the deadlines agreed with customers.

Discover these practical planning tools and earn:

• Speed in the organization and timing of operations
• Agility in the response to changing priorities
• Maximum return on resources
• Certainty in meeting the deadlines agreed with customers

Get maximum quality at minimum cost.

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Ensure the quality of your products. Guarantee the satisfaction of your customers. Be a supplier customers trust completely.

The PRIMAVERA Manufacturing solution helps control quality over the entire production chain. It easily associates control parameters, such as pH, temperature, weight, etc., with each item or group of items.

When the pre-set values are exceeded, the solution identifies the anomaly, and it can immediately suspend the manufacturing order, stop the creation of new documents for the item in question or send the item to the warehouse with different production data, depending on the parameters you choose.

It's a simple matter to identify and record anomalies, and you can see where the non-conformity originated, the intervening party responsible for it, and the impact it will have.

Speed up subcontracting processes.

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Guarantee integrated control in real time of the operations for contracting outside entities.

PRIMAVERA Manufacturing makes the management of subcontracting a very simple process. Operations are linked together and are very fast – starting with the registration of the order, to the cost assessment and sending of materials, up until the end product is received.

Operations take less time. The solution helps control the sending of raw materials to the subcontracted companies, whether shipments are total, partial or phased, according to the needs chart for the manufacturing of the end product.

Plus, you get a high degree of control in the reception and verification of the materials.

Quickly calculate the selling prices of your products.

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PRIMAVERA Manufacturing provides you with a thorough analysis of the manufacturing costs.

Even before you start production, the solution gives you automatic forecasts of the manufacturing costs. These values are integrated in the Accounting area, meaning you can quickly access the analytical information that is essential for decision-making.

It’s easy to calculate the selling prices of your products. Simply set the parameters for the factors you wish to see reflected in the final selling price and you will have the RSP in no time.

The solution’s automated features do the calculations for you automatically, depending on the operations carried out during the manufacturing process, the components needed, the hour/machine and man/machine costs, the margins defined and any other factors that you wish to take into account in the final cost.

Follow real-time operational performance and the alignment with outlined objectives.

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Know, in real time, everything that goes into production. Get daily manufacturing reports directly in the production plant through touch screen terminals with a batch or online system, very easy to use by any operator.

Access a dynamic control panel where you can consult the resource load and the delivery dates of production orders, check the status of orders raw material, the state of intermediate manufacturing orders or the status of subcontracted operations.

Easily get maps with stops records, downtime and respective causes and costs and see the effective productivity of each employee by work centre, analyse the distribution of orders by work centre, forecasts of meeting delivery deadlines and several vital statistics to control the implementation and evaluation of operational performance.

Speed up profitability. Reduce operating costs.

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Achieve thorough financial control.
Know all your production costs in detail. Know what the operating costs are, the value of the raw materials, the amount associated with subcontracting, storage costs and other costs associated with the manufacturing process.

All the information that is relevant to accounting is automatically integrated in the Accounting area. This way, you can be sure that all your logistical and production costs are accounted for, without any effort or manual calculation on your part.

The various charts and forecasts provide you with a high level of control of the business from the point of view of managing costs and profits.

Learn how to exploit your resources to the full.

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There are operations that create conditions on the entire production chain. They put at risk the production quality, the manufacturing costs, the delivery deadlines and the image of the organisation.

Identify your weak points, quickly. Highlight your strong points. Define production strategies that allow you to exploit your resources to the full.

The Business Analytics solution provides you with analyses that give you an overall view of the production processes: productivity indices per item, product and operator, production times and costs, quality criteria, downtimes, types of breakdowns and frequency, items most produced, fulfilment of delivery deadlines, etc.

This information lets you optimise priority management. Identifying the strategies to follow is easier. Monitoring their implementation is faster. Maximising their results is simpler.

Get the most from the operational capacity of your Equipment and Assets.

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The quality of your products and the overall performance of your organisation depend heavily on the operational capacity of your Equipment and Assets. You’ve made a big investment, and you need the maximum protection to see a return on it.

Get the highest return on your investment. Optimise your production capacity with PRIMAVERA Enterprise Assets Management (EAM).

Boost your productivity throughout the entire maintenance process, beginning with the planning and control of preventative and corrective measures (and appropriate coordination with the technical team), inspections, lubrication and tests. The solution manages incidents and breakdowns, with control over spare parts, consumables, tools and stocks, and even controls maintenance costs.

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