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PRIMAVERA supports project to combat food waste: Re-food

Portuguese software firm joins the battle against hunger and food waste by providing management support software

PRIMAVERA BSS will be supporting "Re-food", a not-for-profit institution that collects excess food from restaurants and distributes it to the needy in the urban areas of Lisbon, Porto and Braga. The support provided will be in the form of management software for the 28 hubs currently operating in Portugal. With the implementation of PRIMAVERA's management software, Re-food is seeking to professionalise the management undertaken by volunteers.

Hunter Halder, president of Re-food, highlights the importance of rigorous and consistent data, even for the management of a volunteer operation. 
"We want to assure our partners in the project of our complete transparency, efficiency and rigour in the management of the goods they make available to us. This is a step that we are taking with support from PRIMAVERA and we believe that by doing so we will be able to extend our efforts to combat hunger and food waste in Portugal", he stresses.

For some years now, the software firm PRIMAVERA BSS has included Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns in its Strategic Plan, enabling it to provide support for various projects in the market where it operates. As Jorge Batista, CO-CEO of the Braga-based company, explains, "PRIMAVERA gets involved with and close to the community, playing an active and integrating role. Our support for Re-food is part of our mission to support causes, projects and people, fostering optimism and contributing to a better life in society."

Re-food is an independent community volunteer movement engaged in the battle against food waste. It is run by citizens and is a private charity. The project was launched in Lisbon in 2011 by North-American Hunter Halder, with the aim of reducing hunger in urban neighbourhoods through a joint effort by volunteers, beneficiaries and restaurant owners.