Strong commercial relations.


Strong commercial relations.

Fast, secure electronic transactions between suppliers and customers.

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Increase the accuracy of accounting information.

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Get the best possible return on your investment in the ERP.
This supplementary service allows you to get rid of time-consuming operations for processing invoices, purchase orders, debit notes, credit notes and other commercial and accounting documents.

All the operations are processed within the ERP, quickly and securely. For example, after you create an invoice, send it by email, and as soon as it is delivered to the recipient, you receive an alert. Conversely, when you receive an invoice from a supplier, it is automatically integrated in the areas of Logistics and Sales and Purchases in the ERP. Besides speeding up the processes, it eliminates errors in registering documents right from the start.

Start optimising commercial relations with your customers and suppliers now. With eTransactions, communications are faster, more secure and more transparent.

For example, using the ERP, when you create a Customer File or issue an invoice, you will be able to tell whether the customer in question already uses the eTransactions service and, if they do, you can both use the service to exchange documents with each other. Conversely, if they don’t use this service yet, you can send them an invitation so that they can take receipt of documents electronically. At no cost.

Strengthen your relationship with your customers and suppliers.

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Join a community of over 40,000 companies who use PRIMAVERA solutions and have already streamlined their commercial relations. If your customer or supplier is not a user of this service yet, you can invite them. This way, everyone gains in terms of efficiency, accuracy and speed.

Boost your company’s competitiveness with eTransactions. Enjoy greater efficiency at various levels:

  • Do away with unnecessary administrative costs
  • Ensure accuracy in accounting data
  • Put an end to errors in sending documents
  • Optimise the quality of service provided to your customers
  • Achieve more transparent relations with your suppliers and customers
  • Increase the security and control of transactions
  • Speed up the return on your IT investment
Learn how to have access to this solution.

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The freedom to access the office from any location.

Based on an innovative platform developed from scratch for the internet, this solution is available on PRIMAVERA’s Cloud, a solid infrastructure that affords you maximum security and permanent availability.

You do not need to install the software. When you subscribe to this solution (through the PRIMAVERA portal or the partner network) you will receive the access information, after which all you need is an internet-connected device in order to use it.

Subscription to this service includes the software and its continuous maintenance and updates.
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