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Worten chooses PRIMAVERA technology to manage online orders

With more than 1.5 million Portuguese people accessing its online platform on a monthly basis, Worten started to ensure quick response to invoicing orders with the support of a PRIMAVERA cloud solution.

With the pandemic causing the number of online orders to skyrocket, Worten, the national leader in the electronics retail sector, reinforced its systems with PRIMAVERA's cloud technology, to respond to the triple number of orders in the digital Marketplace between January and August 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year. With a monthly average of 1.5 million Portuguese people accessing the platform on a monthly basis, the Sonae group's flagship has implemented the PRIMAVERA Invoicing Engine cloud platform, which integrates the entire billing workflow and issues invoices and credit notes in real time to customers. complying with all legal requirements imposed by the Tax Authority.

In an e-commerce business model, data speed and security are critical factors, for this reason Pedro Devesa, Head of Digital Business at Worten, underlines, "Security is always a basic concern in the design of solutions. PRIMAVERA's solution offered us all protocols and configurations considered best-of-breed, which gave us more reasons to trust.

Compliance with legislation is another key factor to consider in online commerce, as there is a set of billing and reporting rules to the Tax Authority that is essential to ensure, therefore, Rui Cohen, Head of Tech Team of Worten, stresses the importance of having a technological partner who dominates the legislation and guarantees confidence in the fulfillment of tax obligations, highlighting "All the processes of digital signature and transport of information to the Tax Authority, as well as dealing with changes in legislation, were always points of discomfort within Worten. From the moment we work with PRIMAVERA, this is no longer a concern.
The Worten Marketplace currently has around 1200 "sellers" and thousands of articles, already representing 20% ​​of Worten's total online sales in Portugal, a curve that is expected to continue to rise in the coming months. "We believe that, due to the good experiences they have had, most new customers will continue to buy online after the pandemic. In fact, everything indicates that this trend of accelerating online will continue in the medium term ”, underlines Pedro Devesa, Head of Digital Business at Worten.

With the bet on e-commerce reaching new records and the estimates pointing to a continuous growth in the coming years, PRIMAVERA is reinforcing its offer of solutions to support online invoicing, in order to simplify the adhesion of companies to commerce. electronic.