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PRIMAVERA shares experience in the use of agile working methodologies at Agile Portugal 2015

PRIMAVERA BSS will be participating at the Agile Portugal 2015 international conference. Focusing on Agile Software Development

Taking place for the 5th consecutive time in Portugal, this event brings together the most highly-regarded international specialists in Agile working methodologies.

PRIMAVERA BSS, a Portuguese technology company specialising in the development of management software solutions, will be participating at the Agile Portugal 2015 international conference. Focusing on Agile Software Development, the conference will be bringing together some of the world's leading specialists in this working methodology. The event, at which PRIMAVERA will be demonstrating its experience in using this model of organisation for the teams involved in its software development process, will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge about technology and good practices in the use of Agile methodologies. 

The Agile working model, and SCRUM in particular, is widely used in software development processes, in light of its characteristics which recommend dividing projects into very short but functional cycles that encompass all the stages. Fast delivery of value to the customer is a priority, with the presupposition of continuous evolution until the product has been fully and functionally adapted to the demands of the market. 

Agile Portugal 2015 will be taking place at the Casa Diocesana do Seminário de Vilar, in Porto, on the 22nd and 23rd of May. This event has been held annually in Portugal since 2010, on the initiative of the Portuguese Agile community, which brings together academics and practitioners of this working methodology. The methodology advocates continuous innovation, constant adaptation to change, fast delivery of value to the market and the entire team's commitment to results, in a paradigm in which everyone plays an identical role, with no hierarchy of any kind.

PRIMAVERA's software development department has been using Agile methodology since 2013. It has contributed to greater agility in the production process and helped the solutions adapt faster to the needs of the business fabric.