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PRIMAVERA BSS exceeds 20 million euros in 2015

The Portuguese technology company's turnover rose to 21 million euros, up 8% in comparison to the same period of the previous year

PRIMAVERA BSS has announced that its consolidated turnover for 2015 was 21.2 million euros, a rise of 8% on last year's figure. This result was driven by the repositioning of the starter range, an increased share in the medium and large companies market, and a differentiated offering in the services component.

Jorge Batista, Co-CEO of PRIMAVERA BSS, emphasises that, "2015 was a very challenging year for PRIMAVERA BSS due to the adverse economic climate in Africa, but the consolidation of our offering, along with the success achieved in the medium and large companies market, both at home and abroad, allowed us to maintain our growth targets".

Exports by the technology company from Braga hit the 8.7-million-euro mark, keeping the weight of its international business above 40%, in line with previous years. The growth of 8% in comparison to 2014 was achieved thanks to the solidification of the company's offering on the various markets where it operates, i.e. Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé e Príncipe and Spain.

Other contributing factors to these results were the increase of 12% in repeat invoicing, as well as a growth of 48% in cloud-based business. Indeed, over one thousand companies are now using the software as a service.

Other milestones in 2015 were the acquisition of the Sinfic Eye Peak business, allowing a solution aimed at the logistics sector to be integrated with the PRIMAVERA range, and the reorganisation of the offering for small entrepreneurs and companies.

In 2016, PRIMAVERA BSS aims to make further inroads into external markets, supported by the provision of cloud-based solutions for the global market. "To get into new markets today, we need to offer our customers something different, something based on cloud technology", Jorge Batista claims. "Only products such as this have the capacity to attract the attention of partners and decision-makers. This is why our plans for the next three years include the launch not only of a new ERP but also of vertical products that will respond to the needs of any organisation worldwide”, he adds.

The public sector will be another major investment route due to the need for control and transparency across all areas, and the focus on digitalisation geared towards the general public.

In parallel, PRIMAVERA will continue its strategy of acquiring shareholdings in start-ups that will allow "greater speed in the delivery of solutions geared towards cloud-based technology and mobility", the co-founder of the company concludes.