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Cloud solution generates gains of 23% in accounting and management sector

Migration to PRIMAVERA cloud-based solutions boosts productivity and efficiency at LXgest

Thanks to PRIMAVERA's cloud-based solutions, LXgest, a company providing accounting and management services to some 200 organisations, has increased the speed and efficiency with which it accesses information, due to the clients' details being integrated immediately in the central management system. The transition from on-the-premises solutions to the cloud model has resulted in operating gains of 23%, translating into increased productivity, greater flexibility to perform operations anywhere via the internet, faster service provision and lower costs due the fact that no further investment is required for system maintenance, technical support and updates.

Cloud technology has made it possible for the data relating to many LXgest client companies to be integrated automatically into the PRIMAVERA ERP. This has helped to speed up processes and increase the precision of the data, boosting not only productivity but also the reliability of the accounting and financial information, enabling clients to access information in timely fashion. Thanks to this integration, whenever LXgest clients input data into the system, such as logging an invoice or other document relating to a transaction that is important for accounting purposes, that same data is automatically integrated into the PRIMAVERA ERP.  

The effects of the integration are clearly visible, not only in terms of productivity but also in respect of the reliability and consistency of the information.
"The amount of administrative work done by our colleagues has decreased dramatically, since the SaaS solution allows everything done by our clients to be integrated into LXgest's accounting system, facilitating the entire business model," stresses Nuno Monteiro, LXgest Partner, who additionally emphasises, "We estimate overall gains to be around 23% in respect of operations management."

PRIMAVERA's specialisation in the accounting and management sector, and the company's track record of more than 20 years, which began precisely with the development of software for accountancy management, was a deciding factor for LXgest when it chose a unique internet-based model of access to management solutions, an innovative step for its sector. The mobility afforded by the cloud is a highly-valued factor by this company providing accounting and management services, insofar as it has brought tremendous benefits in terms of facilitating access to the ERP in different work environments – the office, home or even outsourcing at clients' own premises. This means much greater comfort and convenience for staff, allowing them to provide a service that clearly stands out from the crowd. Currently, 15 LXgest staff members access the PRIMAVERA ERP on a daily basis from their own homes, the premises of clients scattered up and down the country or wherever else they happen to be, with no difficulty whatsoever. In this respect, Nuno Monteiro highlights, "We would have to invest heavily in servers to get the same speed of access and availability of data that we have now with PRIMAVERA's cloud solutions. With this solution productivity has increased significantly and the speed and efficiency of the response have become more visible."

For Pedro Coutinho, in charge of Accounting and Management Services at PRIMAVERA BSS, this is a success story which shows just how beneficial cloud computing can be, even for a sector where processes are still markedly traditional. As he explains, "There is no longer any doubt that opting for cloud-based solutions brings clear benefits for companies, even those operating in sectors which are very accustomed to processing data in the traditional way, as is the case with accounting. We are working to provide a new response to this reality and very recently released some unique solutions that can boost the profits of companies providing accounting and management services." 
LXgest is increasingly making a name for itself as a service provider with a difference; a service provider that brings its clients added value. PRIMAVERA solutions have contributed to this role in light of the various charts, analyses and management indicators that they provide in real time, with data that is constantly and automatically updated.