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What our clients say
"The credibility and trust shown by the brand as well as the excellent image and professionalism made with other PMEs were decisive factors behind the choice of the PRIMAVERA solution."

Bernat BellidoFinancial Director of Crioestaminal Spain
"PRIMAVERA software enables us to control the whole process from the time when we contract a service until the invoice arrives as well as checking which invoices are outstanding."

Duarte LeiteFinancial director of Better World
"The time spent on the billing process has been reduced considerably thanks to the total integration of accounting information as well as wage processing which is now carried out at a platform that allows automatic monthly remuneration calculation in accordance with the wage policy in force at the company."

Hélder FumoFinancial Manager of MAHS
"When we adopted ERP PRIMAVERA as the central management core we observed immediate improvements in information flows. Consequently, business information began to be much more timely which speeded up the decision-making process. Process systematisation also allowed the optimisation of resources. We started having teams which were smaller but much more productive."

Diniz Gonçalvesthe Director of Quinta da Marinha SGPS, S.A.
"We were aware that the implementation of a general management system could be complex owing to the specific aspects of the business of Ernst & Young which led us to opt for ERP as we realised it could offer us a total guarantee of reply. The high level of commitment of PRIMAVERA Consulting, along with its experience and know-how, were decisive for the success of the project, affording an adaptation to the solution and the extraction of all its potential in record time."

Rosalía Calviño Campelo, Manager Spain Compliance & Reporting of EY
"The PRIMAVERA EXECUTIVE solution met our expectations, cutting by 30%, on average, the time required to process the information we operate with."

Miguel Rocha, Financial Manager of Portway