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What our clients say
"ERP PRIMAVERA allows us to control administrative, logistical management and fuel distribution, promoting an overview of the business through an integrated set of tools which automatically generate - through various flows and processes implemented - the operating and management information which is essential for decision-making."

Yves Pirnay, Chief Financial Officer of Pumangol
"PRIMAVERA WORKED WITH US IN ORDER TO GATHER PROFOUND KNOWLEDGE ABOUT OUR BUSINESS.  This motivated us to expand the use of the ERP to the eight companies we have operating in Angola. In this way, we are able to standardise our management process and obtain a global and coherent vision of our business. The easy integration with other systems, such as the control of the Maintenance area, was also of extreme relevance as it makes the Group’s global management activities much simpler." 

Loïc Canonne, Head of Computer Systems at Cuca Angola
"The implementation of PRIMAVERA software has allowed us to face the future with more optimism and confidence."

Carlos Santos, responsible for Management Control with the Plastimar Group