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The Cloud ERP that frees your business

With ROSE Business Management you gain the freedom you seek to manage your business successfully. The freedom to work anywhere. The freedom to focus exclusively on business growth. The freedom to pay only what you consume.  The freedom to give access to information to anyone who wants/needs it.

With this Cloud ERP you release the weight of system maintenance, data security concerns, updates and monitoring of tax modifications. Try ROSE BM and save time to enjoy life as you prefer.

    Access to information anywhere
    Make decisions wherever you are. On your phone, tablet or other internet-connected devices you always have information about purchases, inventory, sales, current accounts, treasury or financial results at hand.
    Smart technology that helps anticipate results
    Artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms prepare management analysis and result predictions so that you can monitor performance and act quickly, making quick, sustained and forward-looking decisions.
    Maximum productivity in each operation
    Customizing a desktop depending on the profile of each role, insights into operations, a dashboard with a task planner and execution timings all boost the productivity of each team member.
    Solid management control tools
    Performance indicator monitoring mechanisms (KPIs) and a solid multidimensional accounting structure allow you to control all spending, from a global perspective to the smallest cost center.
    Global and integrated management of business processes
    All processes and operations are so integrated that they guarantee you global activity control, from purchases, sales and inventory, through assets, accounting, treasury, to legal and fiscal reporting.
    High data performance and security
    Enjoy a full service that ensures you permanent solution availability, maintenance, continuous automatic updates, tax compliance, and full data protection ensured by Microsoft Azure.

    Inventory status

    Get stock analysis and exchanges between warehouses, supply needs, and other indicators.

    Cost reports

    Learn how much you've spent on purchases, personnel expenses, external supplies, and evolution over time.

    Sales reports

    Access dashboards with sales evolution and their comparison with previous periods, analysis by seller, regions, or products.


    Track your company's financial health through the analysis of average receipts and payment times or outstanding amounts.


    See the evolution of results over time and know where you can intervene to increase profitability.


    Monitor established performance indicators (KPIs) to easily understand when it's time to make decisions.

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    A Cloud ERP that is also smart

    A good manager needs data to decide. With this smart management software you have performance indicators, analyses and forecasts of results, which help always make the best decisions.

    A set of dashboards with sales analyses, profitability ratios, inventory summaries, sales treasury, cost reports or overall performance analyses will ensure sustained, sound and secure decisions.

      Earn the freedom to manage in the cloud, wherever you want!

      Purchase Agility

      Mechanisms for supporting purchases and calculating needs ensure efficiency in procurement.

      Sales Speed

      Automatic document conversion and data integration flows generate procedural speed.

      Accuracy in inventory

      Analysis of stock items and movements between warehouses ensure a correct management of stocks.

      Asset profitability

      Tax treatment, depreciation simulator and profitability analyses promote profitability.

      Checking current accounts

      Intelligent mechanisms to support the management of collections and benefits promote financial balance.

      Productivity in administrative processes

      Automatic integration ensures productivity and the accuracy of information.

      Treasury solidity

      Automations of integration with banking entities boosts rigor in financial management.

      Rapid tax reporting

      Automatic generation of Official Maps and automatic communication with Tax Authorities ensures speed and accuracy.

      Enjoy all the advantages that an ERP Cloud has to offer you

      Lower costs
      All you need is an internet-connected device to access the solution. The upgrade and maintenance costs are our responsibility and only pay what you use, first use and only then pay, in smooth monthly fees.
      A team of experts monitors the database 24/7; performance is guaranteed by Microsoft Azure, a globally recognized provider, and is also guaranteed to back up and redundant the database in data centers with different locations.
      Management support
      Access a set of analyses, alerts and forecasts that allow you to monitor performance and anticipate results, providing you with the information you need to act quickly and make better decisions.
      Gain quick access to information anywhere. ROSE BM is prepared to bill in multiple currencies and easily integrates with other applications, platforms or systems, ensuring you centralized business management.
      Enjoy the support of a PRIMAVERA-certified technology partner who will always be at your side to ensure the permanent operation of the solution and the right advice so that it can evolve in the digital age.
      Help center
      You also have at your disposal an online platform with numerous contents such as videos, FAQs, articles and tips that help you get the most out of this solution and evolve your business.

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