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Using – Salary Processing

Date:31 of Jul - 01 of Aug
Duration:14 Hours
346 € + IVA

Processing salaries, remunerations and contributions on a large scale can be done easily, quickly and securely. On this training course, you will learn how to use PRIMAVERA´s Human Resource Management solution, and time-consuming and potentially error-ridden operations will be a thing of the past. In just a few seconds, you can carry out automatic processes by batch, as well as other operations.

Main goals:

  • Know how to register an employee in the system
  • Be capable of processing salaries automatically and manually, and of issuing payslips
  • Be able to keep a log and manage leave, excused and unexcused absences, and hours
  • Know how to process the allowances that an employee may be entitled to
  • Know how to manage an employee´s employment contract
  • Be capable of dealing with tax obligations