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Implementing – Financial Integration

Date:08 - 09 of Nov
Duration:14 Hours
378 € + IVA

What is the best way to interconnect all the information stored in the various finance modules in the PRIMAVERA ERP? Know how to get an integrated management system that will provide an overall view of a business´s financial operations. As a Finance Implementation Technician / Consultant assigned to a project, you should be able to interpret the analysis given in a particular case and carry out the parameterisation and configuration of the respective ERP modules in accordance with the integration required.

Main goals:

  • Know how to interpret the required integration processes between the Finance module and the various other modules in the PRIMAVERA ERP
  • Know how to parameterise and configure the system to integrate the Finance module with the following modules: Human Resources / Purchases, Sales, Stocks, Current Accounts and Banks / Equipment and Assets.