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Upgrading Skills

Exploit the full potential of PRIMAVERA solutions. Benefit from the automatic functions we have designed to increase your company's productivity.

Discover all the mechanisms of PRIMAVERA products. Find out how each functionality can boost your business's profits. At the PRIMAVERA Academy, you will find a qualified team, well-versed in the reality of each market, who optimise the use of every PRIMAVERA solution in every market where we operate.

Our specialised training facility offers a comprehensive schedule of instruction, adapted to your availability and your need to deepen your knowledge. Our range includes classroom-based sessions, e-Learning, Flash Learning and on-demand options.

Check the schedule and choose the sessions that best meet your organisation's training requirements.

For more information please contact us using the following means:

Telephone. 253 309 241
E-mail: academy@primaverabss.com

The team

A specialised team

Qualified professionals with many years' experience put all their know-how and knowledge of PRIMAVERA solutions and surrounding context at your disposal.

Meet the PRIMAVERA Academy team:

Hernâni Andrés
With an academic background in the field of Commercial Management and Marketing, Hernâni has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management from IPAM – The Marketing School. He has also been certified as an International Certified Coach by the ICC – International Coaching Community.

His varied professional experience includes the position of Instructor and Creative Designer at FDTI, Marketing Specialist, Consultant, Solution Specialist and Pre-Sales Manager at PRIMAVERA BSS.

He currently works as Business Project Manager at PRIMAVERA Portugal. Hernâni complements his duties by doing presentations at seminars and public events. He is also an instructor in the fields of Marketing, Sales and Negotiation, Project Management/MIP and a number of PRIMAVERA solutions, where his specialities are the Portuguese and African markets.

Nuno Branco
Nuno holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Porto's College of Technology and Management in Felgueiras, and is currently reading for his PhD in Information Systems and Technology at the University of Minho.

He was assistant professor at the College of Technology and Management in Felgueiras, where his particular focus was on the field of programming. He was also involved in the project to implement a b-Learning system. During this period, he also conducted research at the University of Minho in the field of Human-Computer Interaction.

Currently, Nuno is a Trainer at the PRIMAVERA Academy, where he acts as specialist in the fields of SQL Server, Extensibility, Crystal Reports, Platform, Logistics, Human Resources and PRIMAVERA Office Extensions.

Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo's academic background is the field of Economic Sciences and he has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Organisation and Management, with specialisation in Financial Management, from the Universidade Moderna. He also holds a postgraduate degree in Information Systems Development from the ISCTE Business School.

His career path includes work as a chartered accountant. Having previously performed functions in the fields of Accounting and Financial Calculation, Audits and Accounts Reviews, Ricardo continued his career as a Consultant in Accounts, Taxation, Management and Information Systems. He has been involved in numerous projects to implement management software and ERP systems.

He has been a Distinguished Trainer at the PRIMAVERA Academy since 2007, where he specialises in the fields of Logistics and Cash Flow, Finance, Human Resources, Facilities and Assets, and Civil Construction and Public Works.